Guiding your Business to Success!
Guiding your Business to Success!
Guiding your Business to Success!

Welcome to Polanko Consulting

Polanko Consulting’s inception began with the sole purpose of providing innovative solutions for businesses across a myriad of various industries. Our firm specializes in problem identification & solving, with a special focus in small to medium-sized businesses. Polanko Consulting’s team of experts work with companies around the globe to build value, develop strategies, and drive successes. Using only proven strategies, we create an environment that fosters productivity and employee growth; however, we realize each business is unique and fluidly adapt our methods to suit the their specific needs. Our consultations lead to improved revenue, business growth, and increased company confidence through a variety of tactics.

If you’re looking for only the most trusted and talented advisors who can guide your business to the next level, contact Polanko Consulting today. You’ll receive professional guidance from supportive, knowledgeable consultants who are eager to work with you towards excellence.

About Us

Founded in 2008, our consulting firm of was created with the core principle of continual improvement. We strive to serve our clients in a way that creates absolute value and growth throughout every organizational level, from the ground up. Drawing from our knowledge in Operational Excellence, we apply innovative and unique strategies to transform your business and help define a clear pathway to profitability and success.

Our core strategies and concepts include Operational Excellence, Lean Startup Consulting, Lean Six Sigma, Performance Measurement, Business Analysis, Project Management, and Process Improvement.

Polanko Consulting’s team of experts all share the same passion: accelerating the growth and supporting the success of small to medium sized businesses across the world. Your success is our success.

Polanko Consulting Services

Operational Excellence

We apply our specialized knowledge of the principles of Operational Excellence to every level of your company’s structure. Operational Excellence is founded on the philosophy of long-term change through advanced management methods. Using various strategies such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Business Analysis, our consultants will help eliminate waste, bolster accountability, and carve out a clear path to success.

Lean Consulting

Through Lean Consulting, Polanko Consulting assists businesses in eliminating wasteful practices and implementing policies which result in optimal work efficiency. By applying waste reduction strategies, consultants can educate companies on minimizing wasteful practices. Lean principles can be challenging for any company to adopt. We simplify the process by providing you the resources and tools to adapt and ensure continued employee compliance.

Business Analysis

We spark change by pinpointing specific business requirements and outlining solutions to organizational obstacles. By analyzing and understanding your company’s environment, our team can create effective and highly tailored strategies that support the way you and your customers wish to conduct business. Our team will help you identify important objectives, and the opportunities that result from them. Reach your goals with Polanko Consulting Services and elevate your business to new, unexpected heights.

Project Management

Your business is unique, and we manage it to suit its needs. It starts with a clearly defined objective, followed by expert planning to ensure your business reaches its goals – and exceeds them. We’ll work with you to craft detailed plans of action while dealing with any arising challenges head on. We simplify the process with an effective communication plan, along with active risk mitigation strategies, that keeps your business engaged and on track.

Process Improvement

Our team of expert consultants helps strengthen your company’s standing by identifying key areas of improvement and crafting precise plans of action that directly address critical problems before they occur. We help you establish control systems that ensure continued success with a clear purpose in mind. When all levels of your business work in perfect harmony, profits will soar and your company will thrive.

Work With Us

You may have a vision for your company, but without a defined path it may not come to fruition. We’ll serve as your guide, but it is you who will need to take the first step in bringing your visions to reality.

Contact Polanko Consulting and take control of your business today.

We work closely with companies around the world to tailor unique strategies designed to solve all manner of business issues. We choose to partner with like-minded individuals who want to succeed, and that philosophy is reflected in all our engaging clients.

We choose to operate only in ways that provide value to the companies with which we partner in a sustainable and productive manner. Companies that partner with us are set on a path of growth that is both long-lasting and profitable.

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