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Polanko Consulting assists small and medium-sized businesses around the globe to accelerate their growth. We specialize in business consulting and make it our goal to elevate your company to new, unexpected heights. Our services include Operational Excellence, Lean Consulting, Business Analysis, Project Management, and Process Improvement. Our team of expert consultants will assist your business by carving out a clear path to success utilizing these services in the most precise and effective means possible.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is about defining the path to success. It ensures a continual flow of improvement throughout all levels of an organization.

We use a systematic approach that combines the best in scientific method and business theory to create a highly-refined plan of action that simplifies your business practices from the ground up. Our consultant team will educate you on following correct procedures, and provide you with the tools, resources, and training to ensure continued employee compliance. We’ll help you make the right business decisions and teach you key principles that will result in long-term successes.

The key components of our Operational Excellence plan include:

  • Business Assessment
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Measure & Validate Potential Solutions
  • Effective & Efficient Implementation
  • Providing value for clients
  • Developing safe work procedures
  • Eliminating waste
  • Training and educating
  • Employee compliance
  • Providing value for clients
  • Developing safe work procedures

Lean Consulting

Lean Consulting identifies areas of improvement in overspending and develops solutions that help eliminate waste. Whether you’re a start-up, small, or medium-sized business, Lean Consulting solidifies the perfect foundation for growing your company. By applying waste reduction principles, our consultants can educate companies on eliminating wasteful practices that hurt your bottom line.

Lean Consulting includes:

  • Testing and adjusting your model of business until it’s at its optimal peak
  • Analyzing areas of waste and eliminating unnecessary overproduction
  • Defining a clear workflow with a focus on removing unnecessary practices
  • Developing value with products and promote customer satisfaction
  • Learning how to evolve and acclimate to company change

At Polanko Consulting, we understand that adapting to lean systems can be challenging for companies and their employees. That’s why we created a specialized process that includes training, resources, and continued education, which assist companies to maintain lean principles as time passes.

Business Analysis

Spark change by understanding every facet of your company’s structure. We help identify poor performers and inadequate processes. Business analysis services can help you identify the right employees and define a clear goal with a path to get there.

With Business Analysis, we:

  • Measure key performance markers in all areas of your business
  • Ensure your company’s vision is being adhered to
  • Conduct feasibility studies and risk assessment
  • Orchestrate succession and management planning

Project Management

Translate your project objectives and constraints into achievable milestones with an effective communication plan that keeps your business engaged and on track. Efficient project management should deliver consistent results. Our consultants help you define a goal and outline the way to achieve it. Combined with an effective communication plan, along with active risk mitigation strategies, we’ll help keep your projects on the right track.

  • Devise risk mitigation strategies
  • Resource management
  • Project feasibility assessment
  • Evaluate project scope

Process Improvement

Our Process Improvement service defines a targeted area in your business for improved efficiency and implements a solution, along with establishing control systems that ensure continued success. We’ll help you identify problems before they occur, and develop tools that ensure that all your key processes work in perfect harmony.

  • Identify valuable processes and ensure consistent results
  • Develop workflows that promote continual growth
  • Measure performance and establish areas of improvement

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You may have a vision for your company but without a defined path when will it come to fruition? We’ll serve as your guide, but it is you who will need to take the first step in bringing your visions to reality.

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